• Below are a handful of the most frequently asked questions.

    • Why Lohse Law instead of another real estate attorney or law firm?

      The main difference between my practice and other law firms is personal service at a reasonable price.  I personally work with each and every client taking the time to answer all of your questions.  I am the person that will work with you from day one until the matter is resolved.

      This means that I cannot handle as many clients as other law firms that have a staff of legal assistants, paralegals, and law students doing the majority of the work on your file.  In order to provide you with the best legal service and attention, I try to limit my caseload to 15 to 20 clients.  Law firms that have a huge staff may be able to turn more files and have hundreds of clients, but that means most of the legal representation is handled by a secretary, legal intern, or paralegal.  That won't be the case when you hire me. 

    • What are the Legal services you provide to the buyers for property closing?
      1. We will first discuss the overall process of purchasing the property;
      2. Review, explain, and negotiate any changes to the contract, if necessary;
      3. Negotiate repair and inspection items;
      4. Request rent rolls and leases for tenants in the property, if necessary;
      5. Discuss possession and moving-in issues;
      6. Discuss the different options for taking title to the property;
      7. Examine your title commitment to ensure the property is merchantable / marketable;
      8. Make sure the tax prorations are fair and reasonable
      9. Monitor deadlines;
      10. Explain contract contingencies;
      11. Explain fees and likely closing costs;
      12. Attend the closing to ensure compliance with the contract;
      13. At the closing, compare the loan documents with your loan agreement;
      14. If the property is part of an association, make sire that assessments are current and that you receive all the rules budgets, etc.
      15. Negotiate any last minute disputes;
      16. Make sure charges and fees are normal and reasonable. Remove/reduce unnecessary charges from the Settlement Statement; and
      17. Ensure the Seller’s attorney has properly executed all documentation so that the property and personal property transfers to you.
    • What are the legal services you provide the seller for the property closing?
      1. Review the signed contract and negotiate any changes or repair issues with the buyer’s attorney;
      2. Ensure the buyer’s earnest money is sufficient;
      3. Examine the buyer’s mortgage terms and ensure they are realistic;
      4. Ensure the tax prorations are fair and reasonable;
      5. Review terms of any warranties;
      6. Order title commitment for title insurance;
      7. Order a survey if required;
      8. Order association information and acquire paid assessment letters, if required;
      9. Ensure municipal requirements are satisfied (stamps, water, inspections, etc.);
      10. Prepare the Deed to transfer title of the property;
      11. Prepare the Bill of Sale to transfer the personal property;
      12. If a tenant is deceased, prepare documents necessary to transfer the property;
      13. Attend the closing and sign on your behalf if you choose to not attend the closing;
      14. Prepare lease assignments and rent rolls;
      15. Make sure charges and fees are normal and reasonable. Remove/reduce unnecessary charges from the Settlement Statement; and
      16. Negotiate last minute disputes.
    • How Much are Your Real Estate Attorney Fees?
      Selling your home Legal fees as low as $295
      Buying a new home  Legal fees as low as $450
    • Do you have appointments on weekends?

      Yes I am available by appointment only 7 days a week!