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Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) Violations

Chicago has some strict laws and ordinances that must be followed precisely. If you are a tenant in Chicago and you believe you have a case against your landlord, call Lohse Law for a case evaluation.  The first determining factor if Lohse Law can assist you is whether or not you gave your landlord a Security Deposit for your apartment.  If you did Lohse Law may be able to help you.

Regarding the Chicago RLTO, the only matters that Lohse Law will help tenants with is "Security Deposit" matters.  The rental must be in the City of Chicago (not the suburbs). 

A couple issues that often get landlords into trouble is how a security deposit is handled and how to properly notify a tenant if they breach the lease.  The laws in Chicago are very strict and don't allow for this type of behavior.  In Chicago, tenants can win huge settlements against their landlord if the landlord didn't follow the ordinance PERFECTLY. One simple mistake - even a penny miscalculation - can have an award to the tenant in an amount equal to two times the security deposit!

Therefore, if your matter is specifically a security deposit matter in Chicago (eg. no receipt given, incorrect interest calculated, deposit not returned to you, etc.), please send me a message.  

NOTE:  Lohse Law does not handle any landlord / tenant matters or disputes outside of Chicago and Lohse Law does not represent landlords or tenants for "eviction" cases.

Lease Agreement and Chicago RLTO
Lease Agreement and Chicago RLTO